Moves that Matter!

For many years now group exercise has progressed along the route of HIIT training with an emphasis on time-undertension-exercise, often muscles are isolated and sometimes integrated (whole body approach) – both of which have merit- to elicit benefits that include the secretion of Lactic Acid, by which Anabolic hormones such as HGH, IGF-1 and Testosterone ‘ramp up’ in the person who engages in this activity.

The above makes total sense when looking at ‘how to get the most’ out of our participants in the small amount of time we are lucky enough to spend with them. Its ‘bang for buck, right?’

The problem with this method of thinking, and its execution, is that it’s actually diminishing the quality and quantity of the ‘human’ (that stands before us) life (literally?!?).

Let me explain, or try to at least in a short blog.

MOST (if not ALL) people do NOT MOVE ENOUGH to give their anatomy and physiology the bare minimum it requires to embide nutrients (that’s another point, most people DON’T get nutrient dense foods in diet these days) from the food they eat to take to, and allow for functional performance and remodelling (joints, connective tissues, skin etc).

The net result of the above is that joints begin to lose mobility, surrounding tissues ‘stiffen’ to protect further loses in range of motion, peoples connective tissues and skin rapidly age (faster than should be) with ladders up to ‘niggles, pains, aches, wrinkles etc’, and the sad reality is……the way we typically exercise does NOTHING to address these human progressive ailments that our participants come to, for our expertise, in the first place?…very sad reality, huh?

The current exercise paradigm (mentioned in paragraph one – HIIT and muscular focused exercise/movement prescription) is diminishing our life expectancy at the ‘cellular level’ and the movements themselves do NOT address the tissues qualities from an ageing, and mobility-stability-strength perspective.

So, our current exercise is KILLING us FASTER than its actually prolonging life? Yep, that’s true, see when you engage in regular HIIT style training (along with life’s other stressors, work, bosses, time constraints etc), without adequate rest recovery and ESPECIALLY LOW INTENSITY exercise/movement produces a constant ‘cell messaging signal called mTOR’ that is responsible for producing Faster, Harder and Stronger pathways that long term, with no offset, eventually die away (as mitochondria wither away and die, remember back to energy systems in L2, mitochondria store oxygen, fats and glycogen that is essential to cell maintenance and performance).

Did you know, that life expectancy is governed by Mitochondrial density (measurement of amount of mitochondria in cells across the body)

And, what is our HIIT training doing? Degrading and diminishing mitochondria.

Uh- oh, so live like a ‘beast’ with lots of ‘gainz’ in your 20s and 30s, but then be broken, crippled and potentially ‘brown bread’ (London slang) in our 40s, 50s and 60s.

Movement, and exercise MUST (or should at least) address the tissues (ALL but muscles) requirements for 3D variable movements – but not just ‘random shiz’ – movements that are essential to human performance, with purpose through variety built in.

How do we do this you ask?…

Answer, be there on April 20th and we will share the secret to longevity, performance and variation that will make your class participants ‘buzz’ with joy, because of the many new and fun (but purposeful) exercises that you have been empowered to own, and deliver to your masses.

I, for one, can’t wait to share in this experience with you. Purchase your tickets here.

Paul Edmondson