Client Success


Aaron Barnett

“Teresa is the colleague that I can depend upon and the only person that I know I can trust with a project. She has an eye for detail and is meticulous in her planning and execution”

Aaron adds:

What really complements Teresa’s work attitude is her genuine and kind nature. Always willing to go a step further for her friends and always happy to share her wealth of experience and knowledge to better the people around her. This in turn allows you to share back with, and in confidence… A recipe for productivity and success.

Aaron Barnett – FitPro National Trainer Manager

Sofi Cook

“Teresa is sensitive, perceptive and supportive. She’ll help you find YOUR way of doing and teaching ETM and perhaps above all else, she is super-motivational.”

Sofi also adds, “I really cannot give Pinnacle Group Exercise high enough praise! They know the course material inside out, can explain all the technicalities about theory and practice, and are able to offer great (and very funny!) tips for remembering the vast amount you need to learn. As a professional who’s been in the industry for many years, Teresa can also offer excellent practical advice for getting started.

Rita White

“Teresa is a consummate professional, and her knowledge of the subject matter together with her anecdotal stories and evidence during the course, not only made the subject theory easy to grasp, but also fun and easy to recall – which is a tall order!”

She goes on to say, “I wanted to place on record my thanks to Teresa Wheatley, for her exceptional work on the recent Exercise to Music course I attended at the Southbank Gym. On the practical side, Teresa, created an atmosphere that was supportive and non- threatening, to ensure we felt comfortable, and able to demonstrate our choreography to the class.

The diversity of the characters, not to mention ages, of the students on the course were a challenge and it is testament to Teresa how well we all did.”

Jackie Afful

“It really has become a way of life for me, one I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t thank Pinnacle Group Exercise enough for all their support and motivation”

Jackie also adds ‘Fantastic teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. Teresa provided a good foundation to build on delivering a high calibre service for future work in the industry. Teresa also made me feel supported and encouraged throughout and after the course. Truly a great experience!’

Lynne Briggs

“Teresa is one of the most professional and humble trainers that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her calming, nurturing nature draws out the very best in her students and colleagues.”

“With Pinnacle Group Exercise, you get 100% commitment, passion, humility, humour and important for me, transparency. One of life’s ‘good eggs’.”

Lynne Briggs – Account Manager at FitLinks

Alison Kirk

“Teresa was my first tutor on my journey to entering the fitness industry. Her knowledge, exceptional experience and engaging style of teaching made a challenging course truly enjoyable. Thanks for all of your support.”

Becky Featherstone

“Teresa has been totally inspirational to me, from the very first day of meeting her to now, I knew I wanted to work with her. She has given me so much confidence and made me believe in myself that I can do what I am doing now.”

I wouldn’t have got to where I am with my fitness journey without Pinnacle Group Exercise, during and post my training course. Her ideas for new routines, new ideas and help with my social media has been brilliant.

Thank you to an amazing lady.

Becky Featherstone