Fitness Presenter ….what makes a good one?

For me, class instructing has always been a pleasure. I love to feel the music, the energy in the room and be right there with my class participants, feeling what they are feeling, hearing what they are hearing and doing what they are doing.

I would attend fitness conventions and just buzz for the whole weekend, jumping from one session to the next (and suffer for the next week!). It was at FitPro Live that I saw an advertisement for presenters for the MOSSA brand, and although I was pretty fresh out of the fitness gates and newly qualified compared to most of the people I was used to seeing up there on the stages, I decided to give it a whirl! And I’m thrilled I did!

I was selected (after a rather hard-core weekend of training and assessments) to come on board as a national trainer for the MOSSA brand. Whoop!

That was 3 years ago, and since then FitPro and MOSSA have been a huge part of my life! I’ve had the utmost pleasure to tour, write blogs and present in representation of the brand.

So, after years of idolising the presenters I had seen at conventions, it turns out I had what it take. So what exactly does it take?

Confidence? Yes. Physical ability? Yes. But I have a feeling it’s something more.

It’s about being an open, encouraging and accommodating personality! Connecting with the group, and through that connection allowing everyone in the room to relax, enjoy and feel like part of an experience. Everyone is playing on an even playing field and they will be included no matter their physical level. No-one will be impressed that YOU can do 100 clap push ups in a row (I can by the way) (I might be lying) but they WILL be impressed if the whole room is sweating, moving and alive with your great coaching and support.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe if you can rock out a pair of jazzy leggings and look good with a head mic then you have what it takes – but for me, it’s why over and over I will go and check out people like Helen Carpenter-Waters, my MOSSA team mates, the TRIBE team and the ViPR trainers – because I know I’ll be welcomed with open arms, put at ease – but most of all.. I’m going to have theeee most fun!!

…and there we have it! Turns out the magic ingredient for me… is FUN!!

Holly Lynch


Holly currently works as the Fitness Coordinator for Burnley College's state of the art fitness facility FITNESS EVOLUTION, where her role also includes personal training and class instructing. As a national Trainer for Fitpro Holly's main program is ViPR workout and when she isn't instructing, presenting or personal training she is busy studying for her masters degree in Sports and Exercise Science at UCLAN. Holly’s excellence was recently recognised when she was awarded IFS Personal Trainer of the year 2018.

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